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Tour to Lviv (all inclusive)

Tour to Lviv (all inclusive)

Lviv is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe...

Стоимость: 2 300 грн
Lviv is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It naturally combines the past and present. Lviv has its own unique atmosphere full of coffee smell, tiny streets, palaces and temples wrapped in obscurity.

One may spend a whole day again and again walking through the old Lviv streets, and each time open something new and fascinating.

Thus, such famous people as Count Alessandro di Cagliostro, Giacomo Casanova and Niccol Paganini have visited Lviv some time ago. Moreover, almost all kings of Poland, emperors of Austria, Peter the Great, Nicholas II and lots of monks in black cowls have bustled about Lviv.
1-th day
Arrival in Lviv. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation.
09:00 - Breakfast in the hotel.
10:00 - Tasting of coffee and hot chocolate. Loop Tour of Lviv: the Market Square (Ukrainian: Ploshcha Rynok), center of medieval Lviv (the Town Hall, house of town council; Bandinelli Palace; Korniakt Palace and Italian Courtyard, the residence of King Jan III Sobieski; Catholic Archbishop's Palace; Lubomirski Palace; Black House with its black color secret, house of the richest medieval Lviv citizens, the working place of executioner.)
14:00 - Lunch in one of the restaurant of Lviv ($ 5-10 for one person).
Excursion to the chocolate shop.
Spare time.
19:00 - Dinner in one of the restaurant of Lviv ($ 5-10 for one person).

  2-nd day
09:00 – Breakfast in the hotel.
10:00 - Excursion to the underground Lviv. We’ll visit three most interesting Lviv underground places, namely the underground part of Sts.Peter and Paul Church, where we can see the remains of princely walls dated ХІV century, frescos dated 1741-1742 as well as carved alabaster sarcophagus dated ХVІІІ century. Afterwards, we’ll invite you to the huge underground galleries and chambers of the Church of the Transfiguration. The excursion ends in the Pharmacy Museum called Under the Black Eagle with reconstructed underground alchemy workshop. One more sight of Lviv is the Art Gallery and Salon Ravlyk (literally: a snail). Here you may visit the master class of chocolate souvenir making and create a chocolate lion – the symbol of Lviv. 
14:00 - Lunch in one of the restaurant of Lviv ($ 5-10 for one person). 
From 18:00 - spare time for a coupe of coffee or hot chocolate in the center of the city.
19:30 - Dinner in one of the restaurant of Lviv ($ 5-10  for one person).

3-rd day
09:00 - Breakfast in the hotel.
10:00 - Exemption of hotel rooms. 
10:15 - Walking Tour called Sacral Lviv. We’ll visit the holy places of the old town. The excursion begins near St.Yura Cathedral, Church of M. Magdalen, one-time Church of St.Lazar, one-time Church of St.Nikolay, ensemble of the Bernardine church and monastery. You’ll see a synagogue called the Golden Rose, ensemble of the Dormitory church, Carmelite Convent, Dominican Church, Armenian Cathedral and Cathedral of the Transfiguration, Jesuit Church and Latin Cathedral. 
14:00 - Lunch in one of the restaurant of Lviv ($ 5-10 for one person).
Free time.
18:00 - Dinner in one of the restaurant of Lviv ($ 5-10 for one person).

Departure to Kiev.

The Tour Cost includes:
meeting by the tour operator representative at the railway station,
transfer to the hotel (1 day),
Bus tour about Lviv (3 hours),
hotel accommodation and breakfast,
guide services for 2 days,
lunches and dinners,
entrance fees.

The cost does not include:
Railway tickets.
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