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Tour in Mezhyhirya Residence

Tour in Mezhyhirya Residence

Everybody following the recent history of Ukraine is well familiar with the Euromaidan and the Mezhyhirya residence of former Ukrainian president Victor Yanukovych - which nowadays stands as a symbol of corruption at the presidential level in Ukraine. After the president has been replaced, protesters were able to walk freely into the presidential mansion and estate. They were astound by the opulence, luxury and extravagance of the residence. It includes among the luxury buildings and the huge protected forest area, a private zoo, ancient treasures of Ukrainian literature and a fleet of expensive cars.

Today, visitors are able to stroll freely through the Mezhyhirya Residence and to learn about the corruption that created this presidential mansion. LingoTaxi invites all foreign guests to Ukraine on a trip to this "must-see" sight just outside of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.
The former government residence located near the Ukrainian capital Kyiv in the area called Mezhyhirya is huge – it measures up to 150 hectares (370 acres).

The main building in Mezhyhirya is a mansion built by a Finnish company Honka.
The Honka-palace is surrounded by a park with exotic plants and artificial lakes. The Google Maps’ satellite view provides evidence that all the construction works have been completed within one year after the president had taken office.

Around the main building there are an underground shooting range, a bowling and an indoor tennis court as well as wellness facilities.

The wooden palace – three-storeyed on one side, five-storeyed on the other – what is said to be the true home of Viktor Yanukovych after its completion by the end of 2010.

Number of persons
 Cost in UAH
or 3-8 by minibus 
 UAH 400.00 /person
group of 20  
 UAH 200.00 /person
group of 30
 UAH 180.00 /person

The cost includes:
transport services (i.e. comfortable coach with air conditioning system, TV, microphone)
guide services,

Стоимость: 180 грн
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