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Sail Sing on Motor Boat round the Dnipro River

Sail Sing on Motor Boat round the Dnipro River

Welcome to the world of freedom and voyage on the motor boat round the Dnipro River!

Sail sings on the motor boats round Dnipro River is one of the favourite way of relaxation for the Kiev residents and tourists. Even the natives are interested in Kiev from this new point of view. Besides, nature splendour is waiting for you at the city line!

Navigation starts working from the beginning of April. However, the interest peak is observed during the May holidays.

This voyage will grant you health, great mood, useful microclimate and landscapes of tearing beauty. You are given the unrivalled opportunity to dip in the fantastic natural world and waters being actually in the modern megalopolis.

 Number of persons 
 Cost in UAH
 group of 1-5
 group of 6-10 
 group of 11-20
 group of 21-30
 group of 31-40

Kiev panorama from the motor boats round Dnipro River.

Duration is 2 hours.

The cost includes:
  • entrance fee to the pleasure boat;
  • guide services, 
  • insurance.

Стоимость: 100 грн
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