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Mystical Kiev

Mystical Kiev

Kiev is not only Khreshchatyk Street and Podil Raion. This city is full of mystics and secrecy; favourite place of witches and wizards; place full of legends and stories curdling the blood…

Kiev is not only Khreshchatyk Street and Podil Raion. The city is full of mystics and various secrets. It is a long-favourite place of witches and wizards. There are a lot of stories and legends about Kiev that can curdle your blood and scare seven bells out of you.

This uncommon excursion starts from Andriyivskyy Descent. Just in 10 minutes you’ll hear the curdling soul story…

In the days of "Bulgakov" (author), there was a famous doctor who lived and worked there. once upon a time, a little girl came to the doctor. She was in brown knitted jacket with white collar. She asked the doctor to visit one gravely sick woman who couldn’t come to the doctor by herself. The doctor came to the indicated address and, indeed, he found a gravely sick woman there. He examined her and prescribed the treatment. Before he left, he saw a photo on the table with that girl in brown knitted jacket and white collar who came to him and asked him to visit that woman, So he asked sick woman about the girl. Woman became very sad, took the photo and said that its her daughter who died last year. Thus, the doctor had been telling this story to all people for about two weeks.

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Стоимость: 40 грн
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