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Kiev is a crossroad of cultures and religions

Kiev is a crossroad of cultures and religions

Walking Tour

Kiev like all big cities was situated on the crossroad of principal trading paths from the earliest times. Therefore it attracted different nations of various religions. The capital of Ukraine has preserved a lot of historical names showing that some Polovtsians, Tatars, Germans, Pechenegs, Scandinavians and Greeks have been lived here once. Therefore you can see in Kiev orthodox temples, Catholic cathedrals, mosque and synagogue. Representatives of different nations left an imprint on religious face of Kiev and, which is more, on its culture. Thus, a lot of famous architects, painters and writers lived and worked here.

The excursion will show you the Opera House, Golden Gates, St.Nikolay Catholic church, Chimera House, St.Sophiya’s Cathedral, central synagogue, mosque and St.Michael's Cathedral. Moreover, you will hear the story about famous citizens of the capital that left a great mark not only in Ukrainian history but in the history of the whole world.

You will spend the unforgettable time visiting various religious and architectural objects in Kiev!










Стоимость: 40 грн
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