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Ancient Kiev is the heart of Kievan Rus

Ancient Kiev is the heart of Kievan Rus

Feel the ancient Kiev; dip in the times of Kyi, Vladimir and Yaroslav; touch the ancient structures of Stalnoy Grad (literally: a city made of steel); and visit the very sources!

Welcome to the unforgettable tour of the golden age of Kievan Rus! We’ll enter the city of Yaroslav through the Golden Gates and pass through the territory of old streets and walls with non-existent nowadays churches and temples. You'll hear the history of Kiev and feel the way it changed. You will visit the Starokyivska Hora (literally: the Old Kiev Hill), a place of the city foundation.
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 Cost in UAH 
 group of 1-5
 group of 6-10
 group of 11-20
 group of 21-30
 group of 31-40

Three-hours walking tour round ancient Kiev accompanied by the high-qualified guide.

The excursion can be held in Russian, Ukrainian, English, French, German, Italian, Arabic, as well as in Hebrew.The cost does not change.

Time and meeting place to be agreed.

The cost includes:

  • high-qualified guide services.

Стоимость: 40 грн
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