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Tour to Buky - the Skvyra Princedom!

Tour to Buky - the Skvyra Princedom!

The Temple Complex with landscape park and private castles is situated in the Buky village, Skvyra region of Kiev oblast.

Стоимость: 115 грн
The Buky Tour group is being gathered every autumn Saturday!!!

Buky is a typical Ukrainian village, not poor not rich. It is situated on the Rostovitsa creek. The right steep shore commands a fine panorama associated with films about satisfied life of Western farmers. Stone shores, laced pavilion above the pond with shoals of white breams and pondweed bugs…The locals also affirm that there are a lot of crawfishes under benthal boulders. A small waterfall runs fr om the retaining wall. A little castle with round red-roof-tiled tower, the house of Ivan Suslov, allocates over the wall.

There is a complex of the Suslov family private buildings, as well as Temple Complex (i.e. Church of St.Great Martyr Evgeniy, bell tower of St.Daniil, chapels of St.Nikolay and St.Aleksandr) that are situated on the Rostovitsa shores in the Buky village of Kiev oblast.The construction style of the Temple combined historical cannons of Ukrainian architecture and modern architectural forms.
To get the Complex you should come over the dam where water flows (that was made especially to prevent the territory from massing up the mud of visitors’ transport). Besides, there are a little zoo on the territory, wh ere you can meet four bears, lion, ostriches, roes, sheep, pheasants etc; a pond with river fish; fountains and sculptures.
9:00 - Group gathering from Kiev;

9:15 - Departure to Bila Tserkva by bus;

10:45 - Group gathering from Bila Tserkva;

11:00 - Departure to Buky by bus;

11:30 - Arrival in Buky;
excursion, spare time, lunch;

17:30 - Group gathering near the bus, departure;

18:00 - Estimated time of arrival in Bila Tserkva;

19:30 - Estimated time of arrival in Kiev.
 Number of persons
Tour Cost in UAH/person 
group of 19 persons from Kiev
group of 19 persons from Bila Tserkva

The cost includes:
transport services;
guide services;
medical insurance

The cost does not include:
private spending.

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