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Sofiyivsky Park in Uman

Sofiyivsky Park in Uman

You are welcome to visit one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine that was created by a human being!

Стоимость: 210 грн
The Sofiyivsky Dendrological Park founded in 1796 is known far outside Ukraine. It amazes visitors by the genius combination of garden art, engineering and techniques for about 206 years. Wonderful fountains, waterfalls, grottos and subterranean rivers become one with beautiful natural landscape.

What a man can do for the sake of fair woman? Acts of heroism, flowers at feet, endless serenades by the window, poems dedicated to one and only Fear Woman… However, Count Potocki, one of the richest men of the XVIII century, was more original. He presented to his beautiful wife Sofia (who was of Greek descent) a gorgeous park in Uman. He has loved to bits his young wife therefore he decided to create a park of fairytale beauty with a part of Hellas, the native land of Sofia (i.e. the Elysian Fields, marvellous plants, sculptures etc) in order to cure her of home-sickness.

Thus, the Sofiyivsky State Dendrological Park of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is a masterpiece of the world garden art for the end of XVIII – beginning of XIX centuries. The Park is represented by 154.7 hectares of water, greenery, sculptures and architecture.

It is valued exactly for its harmonious design of combining stone, greenery and water, styled after Japanese gardens and best European landscapes.It is hard to believe that the Park was created by a human being. Every stone, grotto, stream or glade here has its own name and symbolism based on myths and legends of the ancient world.

In 1859, the Park came into possession of the Principal School of Gardening, transferred from Odessa to Uman.The Park became a training facility of the School thus enriching its plant community. Consequently, the English Park has been created out of rare species of plants on the area of 2 hectares.

Sofievka, the Wonder of Uman, is famous not only on the Earth, but in the Universe as well. On 19 June 1971 the Soviet astronomer Burnasheva discovered a minor planet No.2259 and in 1984 it was called Sofievka after Dendrological Park in Uman.

In 1995 Sofievka was nominated by the Europa Nostra International Competition Awards.
8:00 – group gathering;

8:15 - departure to Uman by bus;

11:15 – arrival in Uman;

11:30 – beginning of tour round Sofiyivsky Dendrological Park;

Spare time. Lunch.

17.00 - group gathering near the park entrance;

17.15 - departure to Kiev by bus;

20:00 - estimated time of arrival in Kiev.
 Number of persons
 Tour Cost in UAH/person 
 group of 15+1  250.00
 group of 17-19+1  230.00
 group of 27+2  220.00
 group of 40+2  210.00

The cost includes:
transport services;
guide services;
entrance fees to the territory;

The cost doesn't include:
private spending;
boating on Akheront subterranean river(i.e. adults -UAH20.00, children – UAH10.00), catamaraning, ferrying, carriaging, coaching, riding etc. 

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