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Radomysl Castle Ethnographical Museum in Zhytomyr oblast

Radomysl Castle Ethnographical Museum in Zhytomyr oblast

The Castle contains the sole Ukrainian museum of private icons...

Стоимость: 120 грн
The Radomysl Castle is an ethnographical museum built in 1612 by monks and renewed out from neglected trash dump by Bogomolets (Radomysl Papirnia is a paper manufacturing shop). The Castle contains the sole Ukrainian museum of private icons that has no analogues in the world. The collection is represented by more than 5 thousand icons of XVII-XX centuries collected from all regions of the country.

The work of paper manufacturing shop will be recommenced next year. Thus it will be possible to create a paper with one's own hands according to the ancient technology.

Nowadays, the Radomysl Castle is renewed after a long but fruitful work and welcomes visitors. Adults/schoolchildren excursions, festive occasions, concerts, festivals, seminars and evening events are being held here.
9:00 – group gathering;

9:15 – departure to Radomysl by bus;

11:15 – arrival in Radomysl;

11:30 – beginning of excursion round the Radomysl Castle and its vicinity;

13.30 - Spare time. Lunch.

14.30 - group gathering near the park entrance;

15.00 - departure to Kiev by bus;

17.00 - estimated time of arrival in Kiev.

The excursion round Radomysl Castle will narrate you an interesting story about the Castle, show unique museum of private icons called the Soul of Ukraine and presents an unforgettable walk around the landscape park with one and only collection of the XVII century sculptures.You will have a lunch in the unique refectory of the Castle. The refectory walls are decorated with collection of the XVII century historical maps with Ukrainian territory identification.
 Number of persons Tour Cost in UAH/person 
group of 15+1 180.00
group of 17-19+1 160.00
group of 27+2  140.00
group of 40+2  120.00

The cost includes:

transport services;
guide services;
entrance fees to the territory;

The cost doesn't include:
private spending;

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