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Aleksandriya Park in Bila Tserkva

Aleksandriya Park in Bila Tserkva

Aleksandriya Dendrological Park is a garden art model of the end of XVIII – beginning of XIX centuries.

Стоимость: 170 грн
Aleksandriya Dendrological Park is a garden art model of the end of XVIII – beginning of XIX centuries. It is an original gallery of living pictures created by masters of past landscape architecture that remained nowadays.

The Park was named Aleksandriya after its creator Aleksandra Engelgart (married name - Branickaya), who was a niece of Prince Grigoriy Potemkin. Her husband Ksawery Branicki, the crown hetman of Poland, has granted Aleksandra the homestead in Bila Tserkva. It was Aleksandra who decided to create a landscape park according to new order of that day.

Not slickly tipped bushes and trees separated by straight landscape paths should have been dominating figures here, but pictures closer to reality. A human supposed to enrich only the initial natural greenery by new kinds of plants thus ordering the landscape. However, it is also planned to decorate the park with some architectural structures.

Therefore the following architectural structures have been built within the territory of Aleksandriya Park: the Residence of Branickie family, the Royal Pavilion that used for staying the Branickie guests (members of Royal family), Dancing Pavilion, Moon Colonnade, Rotunda Pavilion, Ruins, Chinese Bridge etc. The park was decorated with bronze and marble sculptures, vases, ornamental compositions of big clods and artificial hills.

The beginning of Aleksandriya was made by the famous at that time architect and park constructer Miuffo. Later on, the Italian architect Dominik Botani and gardeners August Stange, Bartetskiy, Vitt, August Ens have been working on creation the park.

Entering Aleksandriya, the visitors stop puzzled by forking lanes, considering where to go. The whole length of road and lane network of the park is more than 20 km. One day won’t be enough to pass all lanes and paths with attention to landscapes. The Central Lane opens the way fr om the main entrance to the heart of the park, wh ere the Palace of Branickie called Dedinec situated at that time. Little lanes fork from the Palace.
The heart of the park is a Great Glade (plane but sloppy to Rosi territory of 10hectares).

Fanciful Chinese bridge is peeping out through the trees. It was named Chinese because there is a bower on it with the roof looking like one of the Chinese swami house. This original bridge is also a kind of dam for maintaining of water level.

Aleksandriya Dendrological Park is the biggest park in Ukraine that occupies an area of 201.5 hectares. It contains more than 600 sorts and forms of the tree and shrub vegetation; and over 700 kinds of herbaceous plants. Of course, a lay person does not really understand these numbers, but they are really amazing.

We can tell you more and more about diversity of the architectural monuments and sculptures in Aleksandriya, about its tearing beauty and marvellous landscapes, but it is better to see everything by your own eyes. Ultimate experience is guarantied.
8:00 - group gathering;
8:15 - departure to Bila Tserkva by bus;
10:15 - arrival in Bila Tserkva;
10:30 - beginning of tour round Aleksandriya Dendrological Park;

Spare time. Lunch.

18:00 - estimated time of arrival in Kiev.
 Number of persons
 Tour Cost in UAH 
 group of 15+1  220.00 
 group of 17-19+1  199.00
 group of 27+2  185.00
 group of 40+2  170.00

The cost includes:

transport services;
guide services;
entrance fees to the territory;

The cost doesn't include:
private spending;
entrance fee to museum within the park (i.e. UAH2.00-6.00)
lunch (i.e.UAH30.00-50.00).
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